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Watch: How to create a mobile form in 2 minutes

We’re excited to give you a quick tour of Wufoo’s mobile experience--ensuring your mobile forms look and work great on any device. Our optimized features and templates are perfect for when you’re on the go and need to:

So whether you’re collecting leads, building email lists, or collecting customer feedback, here are examples of ways you can use Wufoo on mobile to collect entries fast.

Once you log in, you’re in our Form Manager, where you can view all your forms in a lovely list.

Creating a form couldn’t be easier. Just touch the + icon in the top corner of the screen.

Then, choose from one of our responsive templates, where you can check out the form before adding it to your account.

If you don’t see a form you fancy, go to the Template Gallery to see hundreds more form templates.

Once you’ve chosen a form, preview it and choose from one of our pre-made themes to spice up the look and feel.

Now that you’ve created a form, share it with the world to start getting entries from anyone, anywhere.

From the Form Manager, touch the paper airplane icon on your form and you’ll fly over to the Share Page.

To share your form, copy your preferred link and share away however you please. If you’re feeling a bit more social, email the link out, share your form on Facebook, Tweet it to all your followers, or post to LinkedIn and Google Plus with the touch of a finger!

After you share your form, make sure you know when people fill it out so you can quickly follow up in real time.

This can be done with Instant Notifications. From the Form Manager, just touch the settings cog. All you need to do here is add an email address or phone number. Leave the rest to us. We’ll make sure you’re notified the moment someone fills out your form.

Once you’re form is out there, it’s easy to check and analyze your form entries on the go. Just touch the little graph icon from the form manager and voila!

A quick overview of your entries and analytics will show. You even have the option to view more details by touching the arrows so you can get the data you need, any time, any place. Plus, don’t forget that you can integrate Wufoo with Google Analytics to monitor your form performance anytime, anywhere.

And if you need to make larger edits to forms, you can always get back to desktop mode from the hamburger menu.

Wufoo on mobile is a superb way to keep tabs on your data while you’re on the go. Happy Form Building!